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Oct 16, 2020 12:11 Excess Profit - An Unprecedented Bonus! Get a bonus of up to +10% of the deposit amount!

Since the end of last week on the world trading floors, one after another, there have been situations that allow the company to significantly increase the inflow of additional profits.

Added to the success of our Singaporean team, which continues to generate windfall profits on the Asian markets, have been complemented by impressive results in the American and European markets. On Monday, American futures, including the S&P, Dow Jones and NASDAQ indices, as well as European stocks followed the Asian rally, staying in a short-term uptrend for four straight sessions.
At the same time, there was an impressive bullish breakout in the cryptocurrency market, and the price of Bitcoin rose by almost $ 1000 in a few days.
The highly professional work of Gissis traders, who used all these circumstances with brilliant results, led to a 65% increase in the company's daily profit.
We are pleased to announce that we have decided to distribute some of the excess profits between our investors.
Today we give you a unique opportunity to increase your income with an unprecedentedly large bonus.
At the opening of each deposit, you will receive to the amount of your deposit:
- On the plan 107% - deposit bonus + 1.55%
- On the plan 125% - deposit bonus + 2.39%
- On the plan 162% - deposit bonus + 3.88%
- On the plan 220% - deposit bonus + 4.51%
- On the plan 370% - deposit bonus + 6.44%
- On the plan 500% - deposit bonus + 7.81%
- On the «VIP EXCLUSIVE» plan at 7.7% per day - deposit bonus + 10%
The number of deposits is unlimited.
The offer is valid until 14:00 October 17 GMT
The Investment project Gissis - is a large dividend and high interest rates!

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