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Only gissis.com is the only one genuine and legal!

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Aug 4, 2020 10:39 Get your Gissis card and withdraw money anywhere in the world!

Our team is constantly looking for ways to imrove the project further and to make the process of earning on the Gissis platform the most efficient and convenient. One of the tasks was to facilitate investors access to their funds in the system, reduce the time, the number of financial transactions and commission losses when cashing out the profit.

After six months of finding a solution, careful development, preparation, coordination and expectations, we finally launched the Gissis card program.
Any investor with open deposits totaling over USD 4000 can order a Gissis plastic card.
For the Gi card program, we managed to push through the most favorable conditions - funds are credited to the Gi card from the project balance and in the opposite direction without commission, with free service and free delivery.
Read more about the "Terms and Rates" on the website:
Now you can transfer your funds right from the project balance in your personal account directly to the Gissis plastic card to be able to settle pay and to withdraw money at ATMs all around the world.
Get even closer to your well-being. Order a Gissis card and cash out your profits anywhere in the world.
The Investment project Gissis - is a large dividend and high interest rates!

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