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Jul 6, 2020 10:11 Gissis Holding company added the Persian version to the investment platform.

Gissis gives investors the opportunity to make money remotely and invest at a percentage directly from their homes. Today, during the global crisis of COVID-19, this is especially in demand. Therefore, in many countries around the globe, thousands of new investors are becoming our partners.

At such rates of development, the company's task of accessibility and informativeness becomes especially important. We daily make a lot of efforts to work with us was comfortable for every potential and acting investor.
We are glad to announce that the gissis.com website is now available in Persian, the sixth most common language on the Internet, spoken by more than 110 million people.
Join those who receive a steady income even in the times of global crisis.
Gissis - is large dividends and high interest rates!

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