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Jun 18, 2020 14:59 Gissis supports the National Health Service UK on an ongoing basis.

During the global economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our business model has shown its reliability and sustainability. We manage to maintain the company's profitability at a high level and to pay investors interest on deposits without interruption.

We continue to actively increase our capitalization and fully perform our obligations to partners.
Being a successful company, Gissis is engaged in charity work. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, we are working with international aid organizations and donating significant funds to support medical workers and victims of COVID-19 in different countries.
Despite the fact that the lockdown measures are being eased in many regions, the severe pandemic situation is still in place and medical workers continue to be under tremendous pressure. They need help.
Gissis Holding Limited is legally located in the UK. Therefore, we decided to support the NHS Charities Together - the Association of NHS Charities of Great Britain on an ongoing basis. Each month, our company donates part of its profits to the NHS Charities Together fund.
There are more than 230 NHS charities across the UK and most of them focus on helping hospitals do more. Collectively these charities give £1 million every day to the NHS so that people can stay well for longer and get better faster.  
Invest and join our charity!
The Investment project Gissis - is a large dividend, high interest rates and social responsibility!

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