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Mar 16, 2020 12:42 Gissis company continues to pay interest on deposits in operating mode.

Any investment activity always carries high risks. Therefore, when developing a diversification strategy to maintain the company's stability in various situations, our experts calculated negative scenarios, including force majeure.

Based on an in-depth analysis, we selected three main areas of the company’s activities. These are the Forex market with record daily turnover, the cryptocurrency market with extreme volatility that allows maximizing profits in the shortest possible time, and the real estate market, the most unshakable, reliable and break-even investment channel, which allows the company to always be staying in profit.
Despite the global economic crisis, the real estate market remains stable.
The 30-year record decline in mortgage rates has brought the boom in refinancing and increased home sales.
An additional factor that influenced the real estate market in a pandemic situation is the need for hundreds of thousands of professionals in different countries to start working remotely from home, which spur demand for housing. Therefore, in the conditions of a general global economic slowdown the annual growth rate of housing prices has accelerated, and the number of transactions in big cities has increased.
Demand for office space also remains stable, as tenants prefer to pre-rent commercial property in order to preserve their portfolios and insure themselves against escalation of rental rates in the future.
Our business strategy thorough design and reasonableness have shown high efficiency in the situation of current global economic instability. During the general collapse the company continues to get stable profits and to regularly pay interest on deposits to our investors using the flexibility and variety of financial instruments.
Today we can state that the investment platform Gissis has passed the reliability test in the conditions of a severe crisis.
Gissis - is large dividends and high interest rates!

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