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Mar 5, 2020 10:28 Gissis Holding Company has participated in the 7th annual Conference "Solar Finance & Investment Europe".

Solar energy is a renewable, inexhaustible and environmentally friendly source of energy. Amid climate change, demand for solar systems is growing rapidly. In the most advanced countries, the share of alternative energy already constitutes 20-50%. With increasing demand, the investment attractiveness of putting money in solar power generation is growing.

Gissis Holding fully use the principle of diversification, which allows the company to stabilize and increase profits.
Now we are successfully developing more than 30 subsidiaries in different market sectors and different countries.
To attract new sources of investment, the monitoring and statistics department of Gissis constantly monitors the emergence of new promising startups for the subsequent acquisition of their shares and participation in their development.
As a major investor, Company Gissis took part in the 7th annual conference "Solar Finance & Investment Europe", which was held from February 5 to 6 at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in London.
Our professionals took part in the discussion on various hedging strategies aiming to optimize risks and investment opportunities in the industry. We held a number of productive meetings with developers and manufacturers of solar systems and discussed options for our cooperation.
The event was attended by more than 200 delegates from 145 companies and 25 countries.
The conference ended with a business dinner for company executives, which took place in one of the most famous English restaurants in London - "Simpson's in The Strand".
Gissis - is large dividends and high interest rates!


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