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Feb 6, 2020 15:05 Successful investment project Gissis is now celebrating 100 days!

Gissis Investment Platform has been continuously running for 100 days!

By now we are able to state that our project has been successful and has become popular with investors from all over the world. The efficient work of the entire Gissis team brought significant profits to the company  and allowed our investors to significantly increase their capital.
The basis for the very existence of the Gissis investment platform and the necessary condition for its successful operation are our investors. Therefore, in gratitude for the trust placed in us, we regularly hold bonus promotions and enable users of our system to receive additional profit on funds invested in the project.
On the occasion of 100 days of continuous work of our investment project, you can further increase your income by receiving a large bonus.
With opening of each new deposit you will receive a bonus of + 5.25% to the amount of your deposit. The number of deposits is unlimited.
(The action is valid for all the plans except the test plan of 107%. The promotion is valid until 16:01 February 7 GMT)
We are optimistic about the future and are confident that all our plans for the further development of the company will certainly and successfully be implemented.
Gissis - is large dividends and high interest rates!

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