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Jan 22, 2020 13:57 Gissis Holding company has opened a new «VIP EXCLUSIVE» investment plan.

Due to the current situation on the cryptocurrency market, the profits of our company are big.
For the past three weeks, the price of Bitcoin has shown a steady uptrend, and the first cryptocurrency has already begun to move to around USD 18,000 according to the reputable technical analysts' forecasts.
A significant increase in the exchange rate in a short period of time made the BTC / USD pair the most popular not only among traders, but also among many investors who today invest large amounts in Bitcoin.
In order to enable our active investors who operate in large sums to extract the maximum profit from the current situation on the market, we have developed a new investment plan with the optimal ratio of deposit term and profitability. The body of the deposit is included in daily accruals, which will allow the invested funds to work continuously to increase your capital.
We are pleased to announce that a new tariff plan “VIP EXCLUSIVE” is now operating on our investment platform.
«VIP EXCLUSIVE» plan terms:
term - 25 days
profit - 7.7% per day
deposit amount - $ 3000 - $ 200000
accruals - daily
deposit body - is included in the payments
Do not miss the opportunity and set a steady uptrend in the growth of your well-being!

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