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Dec 31, 2019 10:47 Get Christmas bonuses: + 3.9% to the amount of the deposit!

Congratulations on the New Year 2020!
A wonderful and magical holiday that everybody loves is coming - New Year! Let pleasant surprises and joyful meetings, success and prosperity, health and vitality, happiness and love await you in the coming year!
We wish you financial stability, prosperity and confidence in the future. So that all your plans are realized without hindrance and good luck accompanies you every minute.
The best way to set a trend for your well-being in the New Year is to invest in the growth of your capital and the stability of your profits.
We are pleased to announce that during the New Year holidays from December 31 to January 2 you will have a wonderful opportunity to further increase your profits.
With opening of each new deposit you will receive a Christmas bonus of + 3.9% to the amount of your deposit. The number of deposits is unlimited.
(The action is valid for all the plans except the test plan of 107%.)
Come and get your New Year's present and do not miss the opportunity to increase your capital!
Happy New Year!

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