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Dec 28, 2019 14:34 Gissis goes on vacation for the period of the market stabilization from January 1 to 7.

Although traditions for the New Year period vary by country, the New Year is celebrated on all continents. These days, active market players rest, and the market freezes for this period of time.
In the first days after the holidays, there is tension on the exchanges, liquidity is very low, but the level of volatility is extremely high. In general, world markets are very unstable during this period of the year.
That is why, without exception, all experts and professional traders recommend to rest during the first week of the year.
Holding Gissis Limited is engaged in diversified investments in the market of various returns, including the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange market Forex.
Since the main task of our holding is to ensure stable profits, , minimize risks, provide guarantees for the preservation of investments and the timely payment of dividends, from January 1 to 7, while the market is stabilizing, the company goes on vacation.
However, during the holidays, users of our system will be able to invest without interruption, our website will continue to work, automatically accepting deposits.
We wish you a Happy New Year! May it bring you a festive mood, joy, happiness and daily increase in your income!
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