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Dec 25, 2019 09:42 Get Christmas bonuses: + 2.25% to the amount of the deposit!

Gissis Company wishes Merry Christmas to partners and investors!
Let this holiday give you the charm of a winter fairy tale, filled with goodness and a feeling of coming happiness!
We wish you good luck and credible opportunities, so that your wildest wishes and intentions would definitely come true!
We wish you to fully possess all the necessary resources to fulfill your plans. Gissis company will certainly help you with this by creating a solid material base.
We are pleased to announce that on Christmas Day December 25th you will have a wonderful opportunity to further increase your profits.
With opening of each new deposit you will receive a Christmas bonus of + 2.25% to the amount of your deposit. The number of deposits is unlimited.
(The action is valid for all the plans except the test plan of 107%.)
Do not miss the opportunity to receive our Christmas present and increase your income!
Gissis has a day off on December 25, but our smart gissis.com platform will be working during the holiday period without any breaks.
Merry Christmas to you!

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