bonus system
G-points program

What is the bonus program?

Gissis investors are constantly watching the changes that happen with their deposit. To take part in the project, they replenish their account, and then they get dividends + referral interest (from participation in the affiliate program).

As a result of cooperation, the deposit is withdrawn to the client's e-wallet, or the money is reinvested in the project to increase profits. All these actions, excluding withdrawals, Gissis is ready to encourage additional charges of its own currency-G-Points. The number of G-Points on your account determines your level in the project.

What gives the shift to a new level?

Even more opportunities are opened when you go to level 5. Now the investor will have a new source of profit-payments from the 4th level of the referral system.

Note that up to level 5 deductions are only from the first three referral branches. Moreover, the size of referral deductions also increases with the increase of your level (in percentage ratio).

How do I get an extra $50 and $100?

How many G-Points will I get?

Project participants often ask. What determines the number and frequency of enrollment of G-Points? The more often you fill up the deposit, the greater the investment profit you get, the more often your referrals bring you interest, the more points you will accumulate and the faster your level in the system will increase.

Why do I need a domestic currency?

Gissis tries to improve the environment for its partners and investors. Accrual points G-Points is designed to create additional opportunities for passive earnings. From the number of points that you get by performing various actions depends on the amount of cash bonuses earned.

Using the internal currency allows you to track the activity of investors and to carry out their financial motivation, which, of course, is mutually beneficial. After all, the higher the status of participants, the greater the amount of financial resources in the company's turnover and the more income investors get directly.

Start earning G-Points today, increase your level in
the system and get nice cash bonuses.