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The holding company is engaged in the investment and purchase of shares of various companies, which allows it, among other things, to become the owner of controlling stakes.

That’s why, a successful holding company has the ability to make key decisions in another business, engage in recruitment and cleaning of staff, up to the managerial level, gets the necessary control over the activities of its subsidiaries.

In addition to minority interests in companies, holdings can own patents, real estate, hedge funds and more. The direct task of the holding company is to control its investments in the autonomous operation of assets.

The effectiveness of Gissis is a merit and a direct consequence of the coordinated work of a team of qualified professionals selected through a complex competition.

Our purpose is to scale the business by increasing the number of subsidiaries and "grandchild" controlled companies in various markets.

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For three years of effective activity we have achieved great results, because the capitalization of our company has increased by more than 800%.

If it has been only a small, closed joint stock company before, now numerous investments from physical and juridical persons, who are accepted directly through our official website, go to the purchase of new shares and the strengthening of the position of our holding on the market.

in numbers:
our statistics

  • 22%1
  • 13%2
  • 5%3
  • 19%4
percentage of
company assets

Holding Gissis Limited is engaged in diversified investments in the market of various returns, including the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange market Forex (for example, on the NordFX exchange in Hertz and GoPro, our assets are 22% and 13%, respectively), hedge funds (Baupost Group — 19%, Burnem Asset Management — 13%), and even startups (Bartermill, DOC+, HDTradeServices) that allows to ensure stable profits, minimize risks, provide guarantees for the preservation of investments and timely payment of dividends.

Our investors become our partners, so their interests
automatically become our interests.

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Infographics of the market

  • Search for
    investment objects

    The holding company analyzes the market in order to identify the most promising and loss-free subsidiaries for the purchase of an equity stake.

  • Integration of new companies into a single network

    Horizontal and vertical integration, as well as the method of conglomerate diversification (on the principle of adjacency) are used to expand the network of the holding company.

  • Financing of

    The holding company analyzes the market in order to identify the most promising and loss-free subsidiaries for the purchase of an equity stake.

  • Establishment of a common policy, control over the observance of their interests and the interests of conglomerates.

    Even if our holding has a smaller size than the controlled organization, we have the opportunity to dictate our policy...